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Where talking about a loyalty card for your new ice-cream store or a gift for having completed your tenth year of service, it is understood someone is enjoying something for free and the other party is getting something that may be wasted because not liked.  The Group was born out of this concept: "a job is worth doing or accepting, if the opportunity cost of not doing that job cannot be quantified." 

The Group stems from a desire to create business opportunities across a multi-cultural environment where knowledge and training can result in enhanced work efficiency both at entrepreneurial and operational levels.

Nowadays the Group offer:

  1.  Accounting and Bookkeeping services (England and Wales)

  2. Sales and Tax representation services for import-export (England and Worldwide)

  3. Tax Return and VAT filing (England, Italy and Wales)

  4. Start-up Business and Franchise facilities (London)

  5. Recruiting for seasonal workers (England, Italy and Wales)

  6. Free-Tax Consulting and Environmental Accounting for all Clients (England and Italy)

  7. Letting and Sales Representation Services (London, England)


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Corporate Social responsibility Statement

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