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Environmental Accounting

Private Paper Recycling for Businesses

Clients enjoy business record keeping and management which includes professional shredding and recycling. Contracts, receipts, bank communications, invoices and other work materials went out-of-date and which had been securely kept in the Group centrally located London storage will be delivered to a certified shredding centre and then recycled in one of the many locations offered by London and Greater London Councils.

Investment Opportunities means each Client can profit from Economies of Scale by joining our private paper recycling activity which also aims at exchanging certain business communications templates stationery at very competitive costs. 



Tax Advice, Environmental Accounting and Recruiting in Europe

Starting from a small centre of financial management accounting, Tasse Residenza Online Italia offers  independently a regional recruiting service for seasonal workers in Italy coming from all parts of the World.

The Group was created in order to facilitate flow of information, tax advice, goods, services and people selling goods and services from and towards the United Kingdom.

Investment Opportunities means the setting-up of fixed establishments and training facilities overseas, which can be remotely managed by our Clients simply thanks to a mobile SIM card in the country where our recruiting facilities also exist.

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